As the college strives to find a diversity officer for its new diversity initiative, some hispanic students on campus find the lack of diversity to impact the campus in negative ways for both national and international students, but also find avenues where Concordia exceeds in incorporating other cultures onto campus.Continue Reading

College prepares for quasquicentennial Oct. 31, 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of Concordia College and there are many events planned to take place throughout the year to celebrate this milestone in the history of the college. “There’s a wide ranging series of events to celebrate the faith and the imaginationContinue Reading

Cell phone usage in Concordia classrooms In one classroom, a student is told to put her phone away and pay attention. Next door, students use their cell phones to take an in-class quiz. Down the hall, a professor asks a student to look up a fact on his phone. TheContinue Reading

Nine students in Dr. John Reber’s forecasting class are working to predict Concordia’s future enrollment numbers, which could greatly benefit the college’s budget planning. According to Eric Addington, associate vice president for Enrollment and Financial Aid, the projection will benefit the school because the college’s budget will be built onContinue Reading

Thank you for your dedication to your students David Boggs professor of painting and director, graphic design, Art, 31 years Dr. Marilyn Guy professor of Education, 40 years Dr. Gretchen Harvey assistant professor of History, 20 years Linda James assistant professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, 19 years Dr. Linda JohnsonContinue Reading