MOORHEAD — International students make up a small but crucial part of Concordia’s undergraduate population. Over the last two years, the percentage of international first year students in the fall cohort has dropped from an all time high of 9% in 2021 down to only 3% this year.   International students areContinue Reading

Over a year ago, a conversation began about creating a Concordia mobile app for students. On Aug. 10 of this year, that conversation became a reality as the ConcoLife app went live. The conversation began as Assistant Director of Orientation and First-Year Transition Programming Amanda Pieters, Assistant Director of StudentContinue Reading

  A Concordia student has gone public about her plans for a t-shirt campaign during National Coming Out Week to counter what she views as the majority student body attitude towards homosexuality. This issue exploded a few weeks ago when Facebook notes and blog posts written by senior Rebecca JuliusContinue Reading

Most Concordia students dream of vacations and summer fun when the month of May rolls around. However, a small group of students return to Concordia College each year after only a short break. These students are members of the major student organizations on campus, including Student Government Association, Campus MinistryContinue Reading

Her Cobber ring sits in a glass dish, unworn. The golden “C” in a rectangular ruby surrounds “05,” the year Jade Rosenfeldt graduated from Concordia College. Now an attorney at Vogel Law Firm in Fargo, N.D., Rosenfeldt doesn’t wear her ring. Each year, hundreds of juniors and a handful ofContinue Reading