Looking for a study break, a night out with friends, or just wanting to get off campus? These five music venues deliver high quality music for a practical student price. The Red Raven Espresso Parlour The Red Raven is a coffee shop home to vintage furniture, delicious food, and gourmetContinue Reading

Local coffee shops provide the ambiance, socializing and caffeine that Cobbers long for, according to Senior Brittany Schwingler, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. For sleep-deprived college students, it is no surprise that the morning caffeine fix is a necessary part of the day. For many of us, coffee is very muchContinue Reading

Kaia MillerKaia Miller is a senior majoring in communication studies and multimedia journalism. She came to Concordia planning to major in vocal performance, but after a semester discovered her interests ran in a different direction. With a suggestion from her mom to try communication, she realized her passion for journalismContinue Reading

In which we ask the intrepid opinions writers this week’s burning question: What’s the best coffee in town? “Anything from the fine folks at Moorhead’s Starbucks. Use a gift card 30 times and earn the elite gold card, which enables one to receive free refills- and bragging rights. “ –Continue Reading