MOORHEAD — One of the many benefits of Concordia is that the campus is open to students, faculty and the general public. Individuals may enter and leave the grounds as they wish. However, this freedom can sometimes result in unwanted interactions between Fargo-Moorhead community members and the Concordia community, asContinue Reading

The holidays are a time to be thankful—to count your many blessings. Recently, we’ve been so caught up in the sadness and/or anger triggered by the issues plaguing society and, in turn, our college. We’re always striving to improve our campus and its community, which is great, but sometimes IContinue Reading

Concordia sophomore Lucas Anderson passed away this past Saturday in his family’s home. Anderson, age 26, was a talented pianist, and his talent was greatly admired by his peers and mentors, namely Dr. Jay Hershberger, Anderson’s private teacher. Anderson is greatly missed, and The Concordian would like to offer ourContinue Reading

New downtown Fargo establishment BernBaum’s carries on the tradition of the Jewish New York deli, offering the classics one can expect like bagels, pickled fish, cured meats and … hotdogs? Fargo natives Andrea Baumgardner along with business partner and husband Brett Bernath said their new bagel shop, which is locatedContinue Reading

Doing it all takes a lot of energy Today, we like to do it all: Be on several committees, have multiple jobs, socialize and, oh yeah, go to school. Few individuals are more managed than others while some contribute their energy so thin that exhaustion soon consumes them. As Cobbers,Continue Reading

Once Upon a Time, there was a boy who we’ll call… Scarf Boy. Scarf Boy was a freshman at Concordia College and was unsure about how safe of an environment it would be. His high school had some great people, good resources, and a pretty loving atmosphere, but he didn’tContinue Reading

In our time at Concordia, a divide among Christian students across campus has always been present. Different Christian groups, such as The Remedy, Cru (the campus ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ), and Campus Ministry Commission, are all well-established on our campus and populated by students looking for worship experiences,Continue Reading

It’s official—Bill Gates will speak at Concordia College this April. Concordia’s campus will be a different place with such a prominent, global figure on its grounds. In fact, the hype from the upcoming visit is already spreading throughout the school and spilling into the surrounding community, promising to change thisContinue Reading