Debating Bill Maher and George Carlin Throughout this campaign season, Democratic presidential candidates have made a point of maintaining strict political correctness. While Republicans use controversial terms like “Islamic terrorism,” Democrats refrain from using any style of language that could possibly be construed as offensive. Politi- cal correctness is centralContinue Reading

The first democratic debate of the election season was one hell of a show. In one corner, we had Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, yelling about unemployment and trying to talk about gun control for longer than his time limit. In the other corner, we had Hillary Clinton, formerContinue Reading

With the fourth and final debate of the 2012 election cycle concluded, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have entered the final sprint of the campaign. The debate on Monday was, ostensibly, to be a showdown, a battle between two competing visions of America’s role in the modern global community.Continue Reading