Sustainable EcoHouse residents finding ways to spice up exterior Few people notice the brick box that is the Concordia EcoHouse – after all, it’s designed to be low-impact. In an attempt to create a more sustainable lifestyle, residents of the EcoHouse are planting an edible garden. The garden will occupyContinue Reading

Residents of the EcoHouse have been making some updates lately. Kristina Kaupa, Julia Kuebelbeck, Emily Donovan and Sara Conley, all seniors, live in Concordia’s EcoHouse this year. They have been responsible for making some new changes in the house during its second year. To winterize the house they put plasticContinue Reading

A passerby may glance at 682 Sixth St. S. and believe it’s just another college house; last year they would have been right. This year, however, that house has been transformed into Concordia College’s new EcoHouse. On Oct. 4, the house will be officially introduced to Concordia and the Fargo-MoorheadContinue Reading