If the title Death by Robot appeals to you, you may rest assured that Feed Me’s new EP will be to your liking as well. The new release from London-based electro house artist and producer Jon Gooch is short and sweet—a collection of only three songs, clocking in at justContinue Reading

We live in a time where experimenting with different sounds is strongly encouraged. Where pushing a genre’s limits is becoming the norm. Where combining two or even three genres is far from out of the ordinary. The days of knowing precisely what you hear are over. alternative, electronic, electro-pop, dubstep,Continue Reading

Joel Zimmermann, better known as deadmau5 is indisputably one of the biggest names in electronic music today. His signature mau5heads (essentially giant Mickey Mouse-inspired helmets customized with colorful paint jobs, strobe lights, and LCD screens) are so recognizable that they have made deadmau5 a household brand, used to sell notContinue Reading