The number of freshmen and international students at Concordia is growing, thanks to new enrollment and recruiting strategies. This year’s class of freshmen and incoming transfer s is up 5.4 percent. This year there are 546 in the freshmen class, compared to 522 last year. According to Karl Stumo, viceContinue Reading

Nine students in Dr. John Reber’s forecasting class are working to predict Concordia’s future enrollment numbers, which could greatly benefit the college’s budget planning. According to Eric Addington, associate vice president for Enrollment and Financial Aid, the projection will benefit the school because the college’s budget will be built onContinue Reading

The quest for a new VP of Enrollment continues With the vacant position in the vice president of enrollment, Concordia is on the move to find the next individual to fulfill the spot. At the beginning of the year, Concordia faculty and staff members received an email stating Steve Schuetz,Continue Reading

Bill Gates’ visit to Concordia just may be the extra push prospective students need to send in their deposits before the May 1 deadline. Steve Schuetz, vice president of Enrollment at Concordia, said that events such as Gates’ visit serve as another way to get the Concordia name into potentialContinue Reading