This post originally appeared on the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs’ website as part of their “Ethics on Film” series. You can find the original post, as well as a number of resources on torture and “enhanced interrogation techniques” on the Carnegie Council’s website. Feature Film 2012, AcademyContinue Reading

Who’s excited for the Oscars!? I don’t know about you, but I am beside myself in anticipation to watch this night of celebration of great film. There are many great pictures up for awards, and one that I’ve mentioned in past blog posts (Silver Lining Playbook). If you haven’t lookedContinue Reading

When someone mentions Jennifer Lawrence, a fiery mocking jay and a girl who knows how to shoot a bow and arrow comes to mind. When someone mentions Bradley Cooper a hot middle-school teacher who spends his weekends in Vegas losing his best friend might be what appears. Wel,l put allContinue Reading