Growing up on the outskirts of town in the heart of North Dakota, there are things that bring on the sweet pang of nostalgia for me that might seem a tad peculiar to some. Hank Williams voice calls up memories of learning how to waltz with my dad. The drawlContinue Reading

That’s right. Be very very frightened. Frightened Rabbit that is, with their new album Pedestrian Verse that came out Feb. 5, that certainly makes a statement. The album is the Scottish indie band’s fourth studio album. In regards to the album title, Pedestrian Verse, lead singer Scott Hutchinson says, “IContinue Reading

Bob Dylan’s music has led him to many different types of accomplishments and has left him with nothing left to prove, but he still has a lot to say. With his 35th studio album, Tempest, he says a number of these different things in a number of different ways. LikeContinue Reading

“As young musicians get older and more successful, many lose the ability to understand and convey what’s it’s like to want something without having had it. If you’re looking for a unifying theory behind the proverbial “sophomore slump,” it’s often no more complicated than that: A successful first album isContinue Reading

As you settle into your homework routine this fall season, crack your window so everything smells like a mixture of leaves and freshly mulched grass, watch the leaves trickle down and cover the ground, and look for that perfect music to capture the emotion of the fall season, turn yourContinue Reading

Although Austin-based singer-songwriter David Ramirez has released several recordings over the past few years, it’s clear from the first track that there is something uniquely intimate about Apologies. It’s recently become the trend for singer-songwriters to pare down their music, becoming more acoustic and writing lyrics that are more realContinue Reading