A comparison between Voldemort and Trump, the Ministry of Magic and government, and varying degrees of injustice SUBMITTED BY SUSAN FISER These days “You-Know-Who” can mean a number of different people. Maybe it is Voldemort, the chief villain in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Maybe it’s your best friend’s cheatingContinue Reading

Every Sunday evening Olson Forum converts into a quidditch pitch. Yes, you heard that right; the game of quidditch is played on Concordia grounds. Despite not having flying brooms at hand, senior Justin Rodeberg explained how Concordia students play the wizard’s sport very similarly to how it is portrayed inContinue Reading

Hey kids, this is Katelyn, your neighborhood fabulous person who also happens to love all things Harry Potter. No joke. If there were a Harry Potters Anonymous, I would be all up in it. In fact, I secretly make comparisons between almost everyone I meet and who they would beContinue Reading