“My biggest inspiration is definitely my track family. That’s my teammates, my coaches, and all of my supporters who show up at the most important meets I have. Even in an individual sport you need that encouragement. There’ll be times when I have a lot of self doubt about whatContinue Reading

“During the 2016-2017 academic year I will be an English Teaching Assistant in Germany, in which I will be able to work with students in helping to create an understanding between German-American cultures while engaging in language learning. In this regard, I am able to immerse myself in the German culture,Continue Reading

“Cleaning out the community fridge was the grossest thing I had to clean. I’m not exag- gerating — 3-month-old milk is something else. I didn’t dump it, I just threw it away. It wasn’t even white anymore and it was really lumpy.”Continue Reading

“I have dreams that don’t make sense. There was a dream where I was at basketball practice and then after practice, for some reason, my shorts were stuck on me. I couldn’t take my shorts off. Or my shoes. Practice ended so I went to the locker room and IContinue Reading

“My old self acted purely on instinct. I found myself trying different majors, minors, personality traits and even fashion. I’ve tried a lot of weird stuff in the past four years and have had the chance to decide what works for my life in a way that fills me socially,Continue Reading

I like my comfort zone, because it’s like a safety blanket, protecting me from judgment for the things I do. A lot of my mannerisms are really weird and out there, mostly because of my friends … they’re all more loud than I am, so I feel more comfortable beingContinue Reading

“My parents were missionaries and met each other at a Christian college. They were put in a group of other couples and missionaries to go church-planting. They ended up going to the poorer provice of Mindanao, Philippines. I was born there along with my younger brother and my older brother,Continue Reading

“Today I played pingpong. You should focus on hitting the ball more than how you hit the ball. You need a strong head. It’s a really easy game to just get super mad at…but as soon as you start getting mad, you start doing horribly. It’s all about controlling yourContinue Reading

 “‘Pack lighter go further’ has always been something that resonates with me. When you’re backpacking, you take only what’s absolutely necessary, and I love that idea. Simple living and living in a conscious way is something I’m working on. I like thinking about ‘pack lighter go further’ in a wayContinue Reading

“There is no doubt in my mind that we are not the only intelligent life inhabiting the vastness of space. Aliens have to be real and they might be more closley related to us than we think. Another thing I find myself thinking about is how we center our livesContinue Reading