Why do they exist? The inquiry seminars are a staple to freshmen year at Concordia. Though they vary in content, they focus on one criteria in general: to inspire a love of learning in new students. Dr. Sethre-Hofstad, dean of the college and overseer of the first-year experience program isContinue Reading

Pursuing academics, pursuing friendships. Writing essays, writing friendly letters. Discussing scholarly works, discussing children’s books. It sounds like college versus fifth grade, but it isn’t. It is the syllabus for Barb Witteman’s inquiry seminar, titled Friendship. Her students are spending their semester learning about and forming friendships with fifth-graders fromContinue Reading

It was a lovely weekend to fly. Temperatures were in the high 80s, the sky was sunny and cloudless, and 20 Cobber freshmen became pilots on the weekend of Sept. 29-30. These students are in professor Scott Olsen’s inquiry seminar “Adventure, Exploration and Risk.” The class not only teaches aboutContinue Reading

A hesitant voice crackles through the speaker of the Fargo Jet Center. “Fargo tower this is Cessna-N10897 at runway two seven, ready for takeoff.” “Clear.” Freshman Grace Lenhart gives the little white plane full throttle.  The dual screens freckled with lights and levers begin to blink as the engine whirs. Continue Reading