In Steubenville, Ohio, a verdict has been handed to two high school football players finding them guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. The case has been racking up mentions online as of late, and a lot of what is out there is absolutely, chillingly horrifying. I mean it. I amContinue Reading

Recently, Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer issued a company memo banning employees from working from home, immediately calling up indictments from commentators all across business and journalism. Those pundits, however, are forgetting one very important fact—namely, Mayer’s former employer. Yahoo’s new CEO was hired from none other than web giantContinue Reading

This article was written by Jamie Offerdahl, a Contributing Author for The Concordian. There aren’t many places where you’re able to find the latest fashion trends, recipe ideas, makeup tutorials, fitness tips, wedding ideas, jokes, quotes and funny cat pictures all in one convenient location. Pinterest provides just that andContinue Reading

“SOPA…the Spanish word for soup” read sophomore Paula Haeder’s Facebook status Jan. 18. Before this date, this is all the word “SOPA” meant to most Americans. However, two pieces of legislation became a national hot topic as thousands of websites like Wikipedia, Tumblr and Pinterest protested the Stop Online PiracyContinue Reading

The college recently purchased Ethernet cables for students living on campus to improve Internet connection quality. According to Jasi O’Connor, director of residence life, between 200 and 300 Ethernet cables are now available for students to pick up at each residence hall desk. These cables are for students living inContinue Reading