Elimination of ‘intervis’ garners positive response from Cobbers   Student Government Association announced last week that Concordia will not have visitation restrictions, commonly referred to as intervis, in its dorms on campus with the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Students, faculty and staff gathered in Jones C/D on JanuaryContinue Reading

  Concordia will no longer uphold visitation restrictions in dorms on campus effective the 2014-2015 academic year. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, Student Government Association announced in an open forum that the change was approved. “We are excited to announce that intervisitation policies will be changed completely,” SGA President Levi BachmeierContinue Reading

Residence Life has adopted two new rules to make living on campus more flexible for upperclassmen. Starting next year, Residence Life has agreed to eliminate inter-visitation restrictions in Brown Hall. Also, both Bogstad East and Bogstad Manor will be co-ed by unit rather than the current system where men andContinue Reading

In her response to my previous article in support of changes to intervisitation, Ms. Bowman suggests that she agrees on the conclusion—that amendments should be made—but not the reasoning leading to it. Well, it would appear then that another student has been won to the cause. She would agree thatContinue Reading

Call it predictable, unpersuasive or exhaustingly persistent, but until the Concordia policy governing visitation is amended—if not abolished—the same old tired, clichéd student grievances require redressing. Moreover, these necessary changes are long overdue, and the tax placed on the college in the meantime grows foul. The policy as it nowContinue Reading

It’s homecoming at Concordia. This week, the college welcomes alumni, parents, and friends to campus to celebrate our past. As a college best known for the Cobber ring—a staple on every third-year and above student and alum—we take Homecoming pretty seriously. From having a “real” Coronation ceremony to the bonfire,Continue Reading

The Student Government Association delivered their completed proposal to change the intervisitation policy to  Interum Dean of Students Bruce Vieweg on Jan. 24. SGA’s intervisitation committee has been working on the proposal since September. They have hosted weekly meetings to work on the proposal. Since the beginning of this semester,Continue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Emily Bosch and Mark Besonen, two Sophomores at Concordia College. I’m Emily, a Democrat, and I think Mark is an idiot… politically. I’m Mark, a Republican, and I think Emily is an idiot… politically. We spent our time during our Inquiry seminarContinue Reading