What your personality says about your strengths, weaknesses and talents The ongoing debate between introversion and extroversion seems to be lingering on everyones minds. Campus events, classroom dialogue and social media display both individuals and the community’s curiosity about finding their own unique personality, and what this says about howContinue Reading

Movies portray college as the best four years of your life. A time for partying, finding love or countless partners and the occasional act of hitting the books. Reflecting on my own college experience, however, I find that none of these stereotypes fit my life or experiences at all. ThereContinue Reading

The Centrum on Concordia’s campus filled with blue and green buttons Nov. 22 as students, faculty and staff attended a President’s Seminar about happiness. Those wearing blue buttons labeled themselves as introverts with the question “Am I destined to be sad?” while green button wearers displayed the word “extrovert” andContinue Reading