Somebody had to take the place of Bruce Vieweg after he finally retired. Somebody had to rise to the challenge of living up to Vieweg’s apologetic interruptions to our days. That person is Erik Ramstad. Ramstad started working at Concordia College in 1997. Since 2010, he has maintained the positionContinue Reading

“We are so excited to make a difference in the lives of students on campus,” says Ian Jahnig, a Student Manager at the ITS Solution Center. “Most of the fixes are quick, sometimes all it takes is 30 seconds to improve the access and reliability of the Wi-Fi services onContinue Reading

If students won’t watch their printing habits, Bruce Vieweg will. Bruce Vieweg, associate vice president and chief information officer of Concordia, worked with a team of students to track and analyze student’s individual print usage over the course of the fall 2014 semester. Vieweg wanted to start this project becauseContinue Reading

Assignments, games, music, presentations and more exist on a college laptop – until it crashes. ITS recommends students and faculty back up their computers on a regular basis. Backing up important files to an external hard drive can save lots of time, money and pain. Luke Papenfuss, student manager atContinue Reading

Sighs and groans rise from behind laptops as students grumble about having to sign into a new computer to send their paper to the printer, a luxury they took for granted with the old printing system. Concordia has required students to upgrade to a newer version of Uniprint to beContinue Reading

Downed printers, connection problems and email troubles have plagued students since the days of orientation. Several frustrated students have to wonder: why all the problems? This year, Information Technology Services has been struggling with a shortage of staff members. With so few members on their staff, many problems cannot beContinue Reading

Despite minor delays, the Offutt School of Business in the Grant Center officially opened to students in time for the spring semester. “(It was) a very successful launch,” Bruce Vieweg, chief information officer, said. According to Joseph Kennedy, Instructional Designer and Academic Technologist for Information Technology Services, most classrooms areContinue Reading