Concordia isn’t BREWing if it doesn’t teach technology literacy If you were hoping for an edgy airing of grievances about Concordia, this is not the article for you. While emotional vents can be fun to read and to write, they are also the easier path to take when confronting anContinue Reading

(Editor’s note: in response to Johnny Wagner’s letter to the editor in the Oct. 7 edition of The Concordian.) Nobody has the inherent right to always feel comfortable. It is the challenges we face that allow us to grow as humans. To argue that these challenges should be removed fromContinue Reading

Imagine, if you will, a perfect student. This precocious individual spends all of his or her free time studying, has impeccable attendance, and always scores highly on tests. Now, visualize said student logging on to the internet to check grades and being devastated to find that, for the first timeContinue Reading

After a few hectic weeks, we are headlong into the semester, and I am thinking about masks. No, not Halloween masks, but instead the masks we wear in an attempt to fit in. Orientation whipped by, then before we knew it Family Weekend and thereafter Homecoming flooded media with excitingContinue Reading