Greg Carlson could be deemed a patriot of the Fargo-Moorhead area. Carlson, director of media activities and assistant professor of the communications studies and theatre arts department, was born in Fargo and grew up in Moorhead. His educational history includes high school at Moorhead High, undergraduate studies at Minnesota StateContinue Reading

How do those old playground rhymes go? Oh yeah, like this: “Girls rule; boys drool.” Or the ever-classic “boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider; girls go to college to get more knowledge.” But between those days of name calling-equality underneath the monkey bars and now, a lot happened:Continue Reading

I felt very much like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of “Myth Busters” last week as I tracked down the truth to one of Concordia’s greatest myths: the secret closet of books in the library. For those of you who haven’t heard of this particular myth, the secret closet ofContinue Reading

The world is different now; with the introduction of democracies and the United Nations, our thoughts about wars and diplomacy have progressed. Intolerance of ethnic and racial differences has diminished considerably in this century, and, most importantly, people are beginning to understand that nations don’t cause wars; it is usContinue Reading

Natural light flowed in from nearly every direction of Edward Schmoll’s semi-circular office. Books ranging from “Basic Works of Aristotle” to Taber’s Encyclopedic Medical Dictionary lined the shelves of his office. A box of Saltine crackers  sat atop a pile of Kodak Carousel Slide Tray boxes, a Montana Grizzlies clockContinue Reading

In this week’s Student Government elections, two candidates listed SGA transparency as a platform goal. It’s easy to see why. Transparency is the new buzzword. We want to feel connected with where our money is being spent and whether those decisions are going to positively affect us. However, at Concordia,Continue Reading