We let certain people get away with a lot in the name of entertainment, so when radio host Rush Limbaugh went into theatrics during his argument against Sandra Fluke’s advocacy of health-insurance coverage of contraceptives, no one should have been surprised. However, the heedless way he launched into an all-outContinue Reading

This past week I’ve spent most of my time in some form of transit. Whether it be on a plane, bus or car, choir tour is defined by a sense of constant motion. The daily ritual can seem like an endless cycle of repacking my massive suitcase and finding aContinue Reading

Crowds pulse, hands in the air, a giant mass of sweat and glowsticks. This is the rave, a familiar dance scene that began in Europe. What is not as familiar to some is the music blaring through the speakers at raves today. Wikipedia defines it as “tightly coiled productions withContinue Reading

This week’s headlines seem to show the worst in everyone. Political campaigns tend to divide more than unite. As the results from Super Tuesday, the 100-meter dash of the Republican primaries, roll in, we are bombarded by the divisive language of campaign season. Word about Rush Limbaugh and his commentsContinue Reading

I spent spring break with 14 other Concordia students in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky. The trip, organized by senior Nathaniel Cook, aimed to expose Concordia students to the great environmental problems facing a rural and poor region of Appalachia. Its focus was on a controversial coal mining techniqueContinue Reading

With ongoing catastrophes around the globe, the world needs more selfless men and women: people who are willing to go beyond their comfort zones to pursue justice and perpetuate a better life for others. One of these people is Nobel Laureate F.W. de Klerk, the key speaker at this year’sContinue Reading