By: Emily Musielewicz According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (2018) “322 million people worldwide live with depression” and “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older.” In recent scientific studies, exercise has been provenContinue Reading

As a mental health professional and more specifically a counselor at Concordia, I feel that it is important to respond to the opinion piece, “On-Campus Sexual Offenses are Underreported and Undertreated” (March 23, 2017). It appears that the article is seeking to bring attention to several very important issues affectingContinue Reading

Study for religion and film tests, write reflection paper, plan the next SALSA meeting, work on intercultural communication project, schedule interviews for documentary, write blogs for internship, look for post-grad jobs, attend meetings for extracurriculars, write articles for the paper – all of this has to be completed before fallContinue Reading

The Parke Student Leadership Center with the help of Concordia’s Campus Entertainment Commission, opened the Centrum March 14 to 35 on-campus and off-campus organizations associated with health, mental health, wellness and healthy lifestyle choices. Jieun Park, wellness intern and health fair coordinator, said that the health fair is used toContinue Reading

Oppression doesn’t stop at race and gender Many cobbers here know that I am in fact a crazy person. I use this term lightly and in a way to reclaim the word “crazy” for myself. Fun fact: I have mental health problems, I have been diagnosed with ADHD and amContinue Reading