If you are wondering what it takes to become Mr. Concordia, just ask senior Tyler Eliason. Eliason, who represented Concordia Theatre at the annual all-male pageant, won the judges’ hearts (and the corncob crown) on Saturday, Jan. 27. But the competition means more than any prize for both theContinue Reading

Within the last week, I’ve heard a lot of appalling things. It all started when the Concordian published two articles that dealt heavily with issues I consider close to my heart. My personal identity was revealed to campus in an article that dealt with gender-neutral bathrooms, and another article discussedContinue Reading

    Comments made at Mr. Concordia have prompted conversations around campus about privilege, gender, race and culture. SAGA, the Straight and Gay Alliance, met on Jan. 29 to discuss some of the remarks that were made at the event held Jan. 25. The main issue the group discussed cameContinue Reading

Junior Alex Elizárraga wins title How does it feel to be this year’s Mr. Concordia?: It feels spectacular! I never would have guessed I’d receive such a title at Concordia. It’s a crazy feeling. But I also don’t know how to handle the attention…I really don’t want to come off asContinue Reading