Welcome back to The CordCast!  In this episode Noah and Ephriam reveal the podcast’s new resident “Googler”, Mya Lysne! Mya’s duties include fact checking and providing extra information on whatever the topic of the week happens to be. In this slightly condensed episode the gang discusses PBS (Public Broadcasting Service),Continue Reading

“Chivalry is dead.” It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard, referring to the opinion that men simply aren’t as honorable and gentlemanly to women these days as they once were. In the past, men were held to a high standard in regard to how they treated women. Now, however, men seemContinue Reading

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, the political climate of the world is at the most tense it has been in recent history. Militaries are arming for war, families are burying loved ones and Muslims everywhere are learning the sting of persecution. Meanwhile, politicians in America are usingContinue Reading