How Uniprint is striving to lower those numbers What do health education, nursing, and music theory composition majors have in common? Last year, they printed over 900 sheets of paper per person. Other majors are not far behind; psychology majors printed an average of 834 sheets, and elementary education majorsContinue Reading

Over the past few weeks, I heard a few people mention that The Concordian should become digital, much like SGA’s choice to let all students have digital access to the New York Times. While there can be good arguments made to try and advocate for a digital Concordian, I thinkContinue Reading

If students won’t watch their printing habits, Bruce Vieweg will. Bruce Vieweg, associate vice president and chief information officer of Concordia, worked with a team of students to track and analyze student’s individual print usage over the course of the fall 2014 semester. Vieweg wanted to start this project becauseContinue Reading

Sighs and groans rise from behind laptops as students grumble about having to sign into a new computer to send their paper to the printer, a luxury they took for granted with the old printing system. Concordia has required students to upgrade to a newer version of Uniprint to beContinue Reading