English professor and travel writer W. Scott Olsen will launch his 11th book, “A Moment With Strangers,” a book about the apparent — but brief — impact of people we meet. Olsen said that whether in the local grocery store or an English market, strangers can surprise. “Every now and thenContinue Reading

“How long is a piece of string?” This was how long Ruthie Stein, a Concordia junior, had to hike to get to the overnight rest stop on the second to last night of English Professor Scott Olsen’s week-long trip to Scotland. Put another way, it could be only a fewContinue Reading

It was a lovely weekend to fly. Temperatures were in the high 80s, the sky was sunny and cloudless, and 20 Cobber freshmen became pilots on the weekend of Sept. 29-30. These students are in professor Scott Olsen’s inquiry seminar “Adventure, Exploration and Risk.” The class not only teaches aboutContinue Reading