Even though the academic year is coming to a close, Concordia’s athletic department is continuing to revamp its weight room. For the past two years, athletes have brought up the question of when Concordia would be getting a new weight room. After hearing the question be tossed around for theContinue Reading

Members of Student Government Association got into a heated discussion at their first Forum meeting Sept. 5. The source of the debate was the Special Projects and Initiatives Fund, called SPIF, a large sum of money that is available to students for projects and events on campus. “The SPIF isContinue Reading

Concordia’s Public Relations Club will debut the college’s first Social Media Summit on April 14. The Summit, originally proposed by Concordia senior Joel Leeman, will take the place of the club’s annual spring fashion show. Leeman said he got the idea from Thomson Reuters, a company he interns for inContinue Reading