Proposed academic calendar change draws criticism from student survey, forum In response to Concordia students’ feedback regarding the proposal to move the school to a 1-3-3-1 academic calendar, Student Government Association has drafted a report for administrators to consider. SGA submitted a recommendation Wednesday that asked administrators of the collegeContinue Reading

Why community is more than a ring Often we desire a sense of belonging and to find a place we can call “home”. The journey to finding oneself though isn’t always easy. Through communities, however, we can find different perspectives that unite for a common goal and who work togetherContinue Reading

    Comments made at Mr. Concordia have prompted conversations around campus about privilege, gender, race and culture. SAGA, the Straight and Gay Alliance, met on Jan. 29 to discuss some of the remarks that were made at the event held Jan. 25. The main issue the group discussed cameContinue Reading

Elimination of ‘intervis’ garners positive response from Cobbers   Student Government Association announced last week that Concordia will not have visitation restrictions, commonly referred to as intervis, in its dorms on campus with the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Students, faculty and staff gathered in Jones C/D on JanuaryContinue Reading