Dearest Cobber Beanie Students, this week has been a full week for most. With a lot of us fighting to schedule presentations, group projects, papers and final projects, it is pretty common to notice that you haven’t seen a majority of your friends—for nearly a month! We come to classContinue Reading

With blonde hair tied in a messy bun and tortoise-shelled reading glasses perched on her ears, senior business major Jenna Nypan types away on her Toshiba laptop while her computer science book sits to her side. She is sitting at a long brown table in the hallway of Olin’s thirdContinue Reading

Editor’s Note: Some names of sources have been changed at the request of sources who wish to avoid possible repercussions. These names are denoted at their first mention with an asterisk.  There’s a palpable change in the atmosphere around Concordia’s campus, and one need look no further than the packedContinue Reading