By Justin Monroe In October of 2016, a few mindful students and faculty combined their efforts to figure out a solution for reducing the amount of food wasted in Concordia’s Anderson Commons, giving life to the Taste Not Waste campaign. Taste Not Waste has implemented strategies not only into theContinue Reading

There are many misconceptions surrounding the Red River, a trademark of the Fargo-Moorhead area. River Keepers, an FM-based nonprofit organization, is working to combat those falsehoods by coordinating projects, educating the community and organizing various events intended to renew public perception and actively engage people with the river. In earlierContinue Reading

College will sign the Integrated Climate Commitment in April President Craft announced earlier this month that he would be signing Second Nature’s Integrated Climate Commitment on April 11, 2017, solidifying Concordia’s stance as an institution that values sustainability and reducing our economic footprint. Dr. Kenneth Foster, chair of the president’sContinue Reading

A few weeks ago, I went grocery shopping at Hornbachers. While I was checking out, the bagger asked me, “Paper or plastic?” Might I add, she had already begun placing my groceries in plastic bags. I corrected her and said, “Oh, I’d like paper, actually.” She responded with an audibleContinue Reading

In the weeks since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, environmental activists and scientists across the globe have raised their concerns about the future health of the earth. Political views aside, the current environmental crisis is not slowing down and is certainly not going to improve by a complete lackContinue Reading

As part of Concordia’s latest step toward sustainability, offices across campus are going green. The Green Office Program was implemented this fall under the guidance of Sustainability Coordinator Samantha Westrate. Funds for the program come from a private grant recently received by the college, part of which called for aContinue Reading

After 125 years of striving for a greener community, the Concordia administration has finally determined the best way for students to address sustainability on campus: plagiarism. Students are now encouraged to plagiarize all forms of homework – from papers to PowerPoints, and everything in between – in order to cutContinue Reading