DAPL visibly opposed by Student Environmental Alliance “Water is life, water is life!” the college students shouted as they walked along 8th Street. They held their hand-painted cardboard signs high, expressing “We stand with Standing Rock,” “Oil is not sustainable,” “Protect water, protect life” and more. Passerbyers stopped and stared,Continue Reading

Wendell Berry, author and environmental activist, said, “To be interested in food but not in food production in clearly absurd.” To most people in the U.S., food is simply something one conveniently finds in a supermarket; it is also a commodity that never seems to run short, despite the prolongedContinue Reading

After its recent endorsement of Concordia’s divest movement, Dining Services has launched a parallel campaign to focus on a campus digest movement. To divest is to have universities reallocate their funds away from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels and into more sustainable investments. To digest is to cause theContinue Reading