Concordia isn’t BREWing if it doesn’t teach technology literacy If you were hoping for an edgy airing of grievances about Concordia, this is not the article for you. While emotional vents can be fun to read and to write, they are also the easier path to take when confronting anContinue Reading

Downed printers, connection problems and email troubles have plagued students since the days of orientation. Several frustrated students have to wonder: why all the problems? This year, Information Technology Services has been struggling with a shortage of staff members. With so few members on their staff, many problems cannot beContinue Reading

  On Jan. 31, the Concordia College Mobile App, CordMN Mobile, was released to the student body. As of Feb. 4, 625 students had installed this app. Bruce Vieweg, associate vice president for academic affairs and chief information officer, along with his fellow colleagues, Erik Ramstad, director of enterprise systemsContinue Reading

People often think of technology in terms of entertainment or social media. But have you ever wondered how technology could improve your health? Three Concordia students on campus use three different phone apps to enhance their workouts. These apps include Yoga Studio, Nike+ Running and MyFitnessPal. Delaney McKay uses YogaContinue Reading

Disconnection from our roots can lead individuals to become ecologically illiterate. We occupy, consume and ruin the soil beneath our feet. Concrete and technology have become our niche, and human society has become selfish. Our latest worries are consumed by our looks, how many likes or favorites our posts receive,Continue Reading