The basketball courts in Memorial Auditorium are normally filled with Cobbers spending their nights playing pickup basketball with friends to pass the time, but on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, an entirely different group plies their trade in another sport: ultimate frisbee. The Valhalla Ultimate club is Concordia’s ultimate frisbee club.Continue Reading

Concordia’s ultimate Frisbee team pursues tournament titles while having fun Throughout the years, Olson Forum has been the home of Concordia College’s very own ultimate Frisbee club. Aside from providing students with an opportunity to take part in a fun activity, the club gives students across campus a chance toContinue Reading

A sharp clapping sound rings out as a disk collides with the floor in Olson Forum. The player holding the disc stands up and throws it to the far end of the court to the opposing team, signaling the start of the extensive dance across the floor chasing after aContinue Reading