Cory Aragon, Associate Professor in Concordia’s Philosophy Department, is leaving at the end of the academic year for a position in California. Aragon’s new job is at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, also known as Cal Poly Pomona. Aragon has taught at Concordia for three years. He replaced retired professorContinue Reading

“My biggest inspiration is definitely my track family. That’s my teammates, my coaches, and all of my supporters who show up at the most important meets I have. Even in an individual sport you need that encouragement. There’ll be times when I have a lot of self doubt about whatContinue Reading

Connie Jones sits at her desk staring at her computer screen. Her office is open; glass walls letting her overlook the second floor of the library. Her office is surrounded by children’s and young adult literature. These are books that education students use for their class projects, clinicals and student-teachingContinue Reading

“During the 2016-2017 academic year I will be an English Teaching Assistant in Germany, in which I will be able to work with students in helping to create an understanding between German-American cultures while engaging in language learning. In this regard, I am able to immerse myself in the German culture,Continue Reading

Cobber students bring their imagination and storytelling to life Write about the person sitting to your right. He wears glasses. The earpieces hide in short, sandy blond hair. He is a first-year student, but he knows what he wants to do after college: Logan Jorgenson dreams of being an author.Continue Reading