While Concordia’s Campus Democrats have rallied around Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump remains an elephant in the room for Campus Republicans. During primary season, Minnesota proved a bit of a unique case; in the caucuses, neither of the eventual presidential nominees was able to walk away with a victory. Clinton trailedContinue Reading

Some events canceled by Student Government Association; disappoints campus democrat, republican leaders Concordia hosted Political Awareness Week on campus Oct. 13-17, though few students may have known. Originally, the week was supposed to be a nonpartisan attempt at raising students’ political involvement in time for elections on Nov. 4. However,Continue Reading

On Tuesday, October 21, the Supreme Court upheld the previously struck down Texan voter identification law. The 2011 law requires people voting to present photo identification in order to vote with varying types of identification like gun licenses, military Identification, or passports being acceptable. To date, thirty-one states require someContinue Reading

Voting polls opened in the Knutson Campus Center Tuesday; for the first time in campus history, students living on campus could cast ballots in the Atrium. The counting machines showed that 728 ballots were collected. Senior Ryan Mahon, poll volunteer, said the day was exhausting. The following are state andContinue Reading