Cowboy, outfielder, architect, trumpet player, lawyer, teacher and writer—these, more or less in order, were my notions of what I would do for my life’s work, at least through the age of 40. My “influences,” as pop musicians say, were many: TV shows like “My Friend Flicka” (a boy andContinue Reading

As I write this column, my thoughts are running ahead to the journey to United International College in Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China, that Anne and I will begin Nov. 10 with our colleagues, Per Anderson (associate dean for Global Learning) and Lisa Sethre-Hofstad (associate dean for Core and Advising).Continue Reading

What we take to be a given often turns out to be a human invention that’s been in place so long that we’ve forgotten how it came to be. Lots of examples rush to mind: the earth-centered cosmos, the assumption that women can’t do “men’s work,” or—this comes from myContinue Reading