We all know Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman. Or maybe we didn’t know until Donald Trump exposed the truth to the nation in the third and final debate for the presidency. While most of us Cobbers probably won’t go on to be a Secretary of State or a realityContinue Reading

Fowzia Adde is at work in her office in the Townsite Center in Moorhead. Every minute, it seems, a bing from her computer indicates the arrival of another email—from businesses seeking funds from her organization, groups inviting her to conferences on gender equality and female empowerment, an elderly relative askingContinue Reading

It’s 145 yards from the tee-box to the hole — 165 yards when a 20 mile an hour wind is factored in. Junior women’s golfer Emily Grace Olson had been clubbing up during the entire St. Benedict’s fall invite on Sept. 6 to overcome the unbearable headwind. On a holeContinue Reading