Concordia students frequently do great charitable work for the campus community, the Fargo-Moorhead area, and the world, but one philanthropic trend on campus that I don’t understand is the TOMS shoes fixation. Concordia has had a “TOMS @ Concordia” club since the fall of 2009, and besides promoting TOMS shoes,Continue Reading

A collaborative research project between the psychology and biology departments is seeking financial assistance from an atypical source: a carbonated soft drink giant. The research team of Susan Larson, associate professor of psychology and director of undergraduate research, Krystle Strand, assistant professor of biology, and seniors Amber Ferris and SadieContinue Reading

Concordia recently launched a prioritization process that requires all academic and administrative programs to be thoroughly reviewed and then ranked highest to lowest priority by their respective department or office. The purpose of this process is to determine how to most effectively distribute resources and strengthen Concordia’s appeal to prospectiveContinue Reading

English Professor W. Scott Olsen’s latest book “Never Land: Adventures, Wonder, and One World Record in a Very Small Plane” chronicles Olsen’s flying adventures in a single engine Cessna, including the setting of Olsen’s world record. Olsen holds the world record for the fastest flight, in that type of airplane,Continue Reading

Editor’s note:This article was published as part of an April Fool’s Edition of The Concordian Concordia students have voiced their true feelings about their professors for quite some time via the Web site Many students turn to the Web site for guidance when selecting classes during registration. Now, Concordia professorsContinue Reading

Just over one week ago, FirstLink Volunteer Coordinator Sara Lepp sat at a computer in Sandbag Central, surrounded by card tables covered in clipboards, ballpoint pens, and loose sand. Lepp was ready to register sandbag volunteers, but there were only a few trickling in the doors of the City ofContinue Reading

Sophomore Ted Rinell, one of the student leaders of the Concordia Haitian Relief Fund, is already tackling a new fundraising project. Rinell is in the process of organizing a St. Baldrick’s Foundation event on Concordia’s campus for next year. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a non-profit charity that raises moneyContinue Reading

If you are a Concordia student earning at least one credit, you pay a student activity fee. This year and last year, the fee was $210. Concordia has approximately 2,800 students enrolled. An average of 2,650 students pay the fee each year after discounting students who do not pay theContinue Reading