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“We are so excited to make a difference in the lives of students on campus,” says Ian Jahnig, a Student Manager at the ITS Solution Center. “Most of the fixes are quick, sometimes all it takes is 30 seconds to improve the access and reliability of the Wi-Fi services on a computer”. The CITE is a part of a commitment of ITS to improve student internet on campus. “The quality of our Internet service is a significant and constant priority for us”, says Bruce Vieweg, Chief Information Officer at Concordia. Bruce also pointed out that ITS installed over 100 new access points to areas of campus in most need of an upgrade last summer. “This will be a great opportunity for people to resolve the most common Wi-Fi issues on campus” says James Jehlik, Manager of the ITS Solution Center. Workers will be prepared to solve issues related to Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems, as well as all Mac operating systems.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this free service, in addition to having internet problems resolved, the ITS Solution Center is hoping to collect information on where internet is least effective on campus.

The Concordia College ITS Solution Center is located in the Francis Frasier Comstock Theatre Building on campus. The Solution Center offers free computer services to students including virus removal, internet optimization, and system diagnosis. MOORHEAD, MINNESOTA, November 1, 2016— As part of an ongoing effort to improve the technology services on campus, the Concordia College ITS Solution Center will be improving student internet access by hosting a Campus Internet Tune-Up Event. This event will be held at an atrium table in the Knutson Campus Center on November 4th, 10th and 11th from 8am to 4pm. ITS workers will be on site fixing internet problems, increasing student internet speed and resolving connectivity issues. The event is centered around one of the most talked about issues on campus – wireless networks. Student workers have been trained on how to optimize student computers to take full advantage of the robust network capabilities that Concordia College ITS offers. In addition to this, students will have a chance to inform ITS of ongoing internet problems in Residence Halls.

This article was submitted by Ian Jahnig , contributing writer.

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