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CEC revamps Battle of the Bands with electronic voting

To streamline the voting process, CEC has stepped up their game and the student body can now vote electronically for this year’s Battle of the Band winner.

CEC’s Battle of the Bands will be introducing their first electronic voting system so that students who attend will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to vote on which band they feel should be Concordia’s student open for Cornstock in a more interactive and efficient way. This will be the first time an electronic voting system has been used in the last three years that students have been able to vote during Battle of the Bands.

Students haven’t always been able to vote for the winning band to perform at Cornstock. A few years ago, Cornstock’s student opener was decided upon internally by CEC members who held private auditions instead of voted upon by the student body.

[and] also let the student body decide who opens for Cornstock rather than just have us in CEC decide.”

In addition to being the first audience to use an electronic voting system, students who attend will be audience to bands who are expected to bring a great performance.

be free for all students. Josh Mackner, dance marathon leader, and Lauren Spaeth, event schedule chair for dance marathon, will be emceeing the event and will reveal Cobberthon’s fundraising progress during Battle of the Bands.

Although this event offers a great opportunity for Dance Marathon to reach more people and to raise more funds for Cobberthon, it is also important for CEC because it will finalize the details about Cornstock.

“Battle of the Bands allows the campus to have a say in the Cornstock line up. We love being able to feature student groups because they are so talented and Battle of the Bands is the perfect opportunity to showcase these groups,” said Samantha Shotts, executive team member for concerts and dances, in an email.

Horejsi, Shotts, the executive team and the CEC committee, have gone through the process of auditioning bands, setting the date, and is now finalizing the details of this event. However, the process has been a long one that started with the auditions.

Auditions for Battle of the Bands opened in January and closed March 8. Each band was asked to send in a fifteen minute video that included three songs of their choosing. The 2016 and 2017 CEC Executive Team Members then sat down together to watch and discuss the videos in order to decide who the top 4 to 5 bands were that would be playing in Battle of the Bands. CEC was looking for bands who would be a good fit for Cornstock and who were passionate while they played.

“We just wanna make sure that everybody’s having fun. You can tell when a band is really into it,” Shotts said.

In addition to considering energy, CEC decided upon bands that represented a wide variety of genres in order to make everyone feel welcome and excited for Battle of the Bands.

“We have had rock groups, DJs, and folk bands [who’ve auditioned], so anybody is welcome!” Horejsi said .

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