Campus has study spots for all

It is no secret that Concordia College’s campus is home to myriad study spots. Various spaces around campus are dedicated to providing students with places where they can focus individually or work in groups. Catered to every sort of learner, each building is home to multiple of these spaces.

One of my favorite study spots is the first floor of the library. This is where I often go if I have to really focus. The first floor is great because it’s not completely silent like the third and fourth floors, but it’s not as noisy as serendipity or the fishbowl. You can still do homework with your buddies while maintaining a solid level of focus. I always prefer to work at one of the tables nestled between bookshelves at the back of the first floor. There are also multiple individual desks on the way up the stairs to each different level that are great for cranking out a paper.

If you’re looking for a place with a little more activity, the Integrated Science Center is a great place to go. This space is still newer to me, but I’ve studied multiple times in the designated study spaces with glass walls on all sides. This makes it easy to work on your tasks at hand while also people-watching through the windows. Sometimes a little distraction provides a good break in studying. These spaces are also really nice for working in a group. They are just big enough for four or five people and there is plenty of table space.

The Integrated Science Center is also home to a couple different common spaces on the first and second floors that are super nice for working on projects. The chairs are comfy and there is always a low hum of chatter, perfect for some background noise. I have had multiple meetings in these spaces and we always get a lot done.

Another place a lot of people enjoy working is the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle is located off of the mailroom and above the Coffee Stop in Knutson. There are some tables and couches that make studying in between classes quick and easy if you don’t have a lot of time to venture somewhere new. I have never been extremely fond of this particular study spot, as it is always freezing. If you decide to check this spot out, make sure to bring a jacket of some sort!

Knutson is home to another space above Anderson Commons. The Parke Student Leadership Center is wonderful for working on projects due to all of the construction paper and supplies like glue, tape, and scissors for making posters. A common misconception is that this space is only open to members of CEC, SGA, or people from the Career Center. On the contrary, this space is open for everyone to enjoy! Bring some extra change if you’re looking to use the various resources provided as they all cost a little bit of money to use. There’s a bit of a buzz in this space that provides some background noise like the commons in the Integrated Science Center.

One thing I have found over the course of my college career thus far is that studying in a dorm room is extremely difficult. With roommates and your bed in such close proximity, the distractions are endless. It is hard to get down to business when all of your personal possessions are right next to you. It might seem like a lot of work to pack up all of your school work and head out into the cold, but there’s no doubt you’ll get a lot more done when you’re away from your room.

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