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Ross’s prop bet locks of the week

Ross contemplating his bets.

The Super Bowl is near! I will have my final pick of the season ready for next week, but this week, let’s dive into some props. Props are side bets that happen throughout the day, focusing on all aspects of the spectacle, from the pregame festivities, to the actual gameplay, to the commercials.

*Explanation of the spreads: if the amount with the option picked is negative, you are wagering that much to win $100 (Ex: -180 would win $100, plus the original $180 back). If the amount is positive, you would wager $100 to win the listed amount (Ex: +140 would win $140, plus the original $100).

Coin Toss:
Coin will land heads
Coin will land tails (both are even)
Ross: Before making my choice, there is a bit of historical context to consider. The coin has landed tails 27 times in comparison to 24 for heads. The coin has also landed tails in four consecutive Super Bowls, and before that it landed heads five times consecutively. That all being said, this is random, and I will flip a coin to make my pick.
The Pick: Coin will land heads

Anthem Length:
The Star Spangled Banner, sung by P!nk
Over 2 minutes (-180)
Under 2 minutes (+140)
Ross: The length of the National Anthem is one of the most widely bet-on events at the Super Bowl. In past years, YouTube has been helpful in trying to predict a side, as former anthem singers Luke Bryan and Lady Gaga had sung it at similar events. Unfortunately, there is no such precedent for P!nk. Instead, I have been looking at the crooners of past Super Bowls and trying to find a historical comp. At the past 3 Super Bowls, the singer has ended up right between 2:04 and 2:09, which would indicate an Over. But of the past 10 Anthems, I would say Christina Aguilera is most similar artist in style, and she ended at 1 minute, 54 seconds. This will end up as one of the closest props of the game, but I will take the Over, expecting P!nk to add a few extra trills and a ten second high note or two.
The Pick: Over 2 minutes.

Will Rob Gronkowski be medically cleared to play?
Yes (-150)
No (+120)
Ross: One of the easiest picks on the board. The real question will be his usefulness, and how often the Patriots choose to deploy their fragile star tight end.
The Pick: Yes

Color of liquid thrown on winning coach:
Clear/water (+200)
Green/yellow (+300
Red (+500
Blue (+500)
Orange (+750)
No liquid thrown (+1500)
Ross: Dousing your coach after a Super Bowl win is a tradition that dates back to 1984. However, in their five wins over the past 17 years, three of those times, Bill Belichick did not get wet. “No liquid thrown” is obviously the least fun answer, but it is the more interesting angle from a gambling perspective.
The Pick: No liquid thrown.

Will Janet Jackson make a halftime appearance?
Yes (+400)
No (-600)
Ross: I remember the day when I was just a wee lad, watching the 2004 Super Bowl. Just an innocent child watching the halftime show with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, not really watching that hard. But soon, a kerfuffle and a national uproar ensued. If anyone does not know what I am talking about, the duo had a “wardrobe malfunction” on stage, which exposed me and other youngsters to indecency, and the world to the term “FCC scandal.” Now, after going through his boy band and acting phases and fully rebranding himself as a safe, adult contemporary artist, it’s time for him to make up for his biggest past mistake (besides most of his acting): Janet Jackson. Time heals all wounds, and I think the world is ready for this scandal to be put to rest.

How many times will the word “Dilly” be said during the broadcast?
Over 12.5 (-115)
Under 12.5 (-115)
Ross: Probably the most anticipated commercial of this Super Bowl season is Bud Light, and their viral nonsense catchphrase “Dilly Dilly.” Just doing some quick math in my head, this seems like a no-brainer for the Over. Could they broadcast one commercial with the phrase uttered seven times? (Assuming that “Dilly Dilly” is always used in pairing of two “dilly”). My gut feeling is that we will see at least two of these ads, making the Over a pretty safe bet.
The Pick: Over 12.5

Winner of the 14th Puppy Bowl
Team Fluff (-115)
Team Ruff (-115)
Ross: And now, the most important component of the weeks ahead: the Puppy Bowl will be televised on Animal Planet. After weeks of scouting, this looks to be a game that highly favors Team Ruff. They are led by Morris, a gritty Pomeranian. This small wiry-haired pup is a real Danny Woodhead type. Moonshine, a Border Collie with one eye, reminds me of Mike Zimmer. A real #FootballDog. This team even has the National Anthem singer (Kelly Barkson) and a celeb cameo (Jennifer Pawrence). Team Fluff does have a wild card though, in the form of a Miniature Poodle-Chihuahua named Blueberry Pie. This doggo’s elusiveness and ability to break tackles reminds me of a prime Marshawn Lynch.
The Pick: Team Ruff

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