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Cobber develops e-learning community with social mission

The homepage for Learn or Teach. Photo courtesy of Clever Mukori.

Just about everything in the world has been transitioning to an online existence, and education is no exception. Clever Mukori’s startup Learn or Teach is an online educational services platform where students and teachers can connect in an e-learning community, as well as a job services company.

Mukori is a 2017 graduate of Concordia College with degrees in Chemistry and Biology. Mukori was born in Zimbabwe as the oldest in a large family, where he was raised with the inherent understanding that your have to live your life for more than yourself. This upbringing is what brought him to the beginning of a long journey of figuring out how to use his talents, privilege, and knowledge to bring opportunities to students and businesses. Mukori first had the idea for Learn or Teach in 2015, and got the ball rolling that Spring. Working through all the aspects of beginning a business and getting funding has been tricky, but Mukori is grateful for the wide array of support he’s received from Concordia throughout the process.

Learn or Teach is built as a business with a social mission to expand the demographic of people with education opportunities and eventually provide students in countries without resources with the hardware to access the platform.

“Learn or Teach is a job placement and e-learning services company,” Mukori explained, “additionally, you could describe it as a software as a service company.”

Mukori’s design has three phases:

Phase One: Fundamental behind subject area. This means giving learns autonomy in terms of what they learn in a particular day. It also involves an aspect of social learning through the incorporation of discussion boards for students to interact.

Phase Two: Practical projects to apply the theories you learned. This is an opportunity for students to apply concepts and share their projects with the learning community.

Phase Three: Placement and experiences. Mukori plans to provide listings of opportunities for students to take their learning into the real world with a career.

After Learn or Teach has been live and has compiled more clients they will ideally have content from experts and companies everywhere. Individuals accessing the platform will have free access, whereas companies will pay a subscription fee to use the program for training and testing their employees, which is where the majority of Learn or Teach’s profits will come from.

As of right now, Mukori is working with a contracting service out of India to design the website for the service. He is getting updates each month on the progress of the site and is excited to share it with people. Learn or Teach is expected to go live somewhere around February or March, but in order to do that, Mukori is going to need more funds for development, hiring, etc. There is an Indiegogo campaign where you can donate to Mukori’s mission of making Learn or Teach a reality, which can be found by visiting Indiegogo’s website and searching for “Learn or Teach.”

“We have the educator’s side done, where an educator can come and create a course, upload it, etcetera,” Mukori said,  “Now we’re going to get the learner side down, which is more dynamic and more exciting.”

Once the learner side of the platform is completed, Mukori can begin offering businesses free trials to use Learn or Teach.

If you want to stay updated with and support Learn or Teach, you can follow them on social media. It can be found on FaceBook and LinkedIn by searching “Learn or Teach” and the Twitter and Instagram handles are both @learn_or_teach.

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