Concordia Management Club offers new opportunities

While most other business majors have had their own clubs, such as accounting, international business, and marketing, it was not until this year that business management majors had a club of their own. Founded by senior Katriana Mehlhaff, the Concordia Management Club has recently become an official organization.

Their mission statement is “to help Concordia’s business students develop outside the traditional classroom. We strive to provide extraordinary real-world experience by networking with local professionals, participating in peer mentorship, listening to innovative speakers, and visiting local businesses. Having a business management club on campus will allow all management students to have an opportunity where a student organization is tailored to their field of study. Each and every student will be able to flourish with like-minded peers.” 

Mehlhaff, majoring in business management and marketing, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). When she first came to Concordia, she realized that every other business major had a club, but management majors did not. This came as a surprise to her because management is a very broad field. She was determined to make the club happen. She had a class with Dr. Shontarius Aikens and knew he would be a good advisor for the club. It has been a two-year process, but the work has finally paid off.

Mehlhaff says the purpose is to have an out of the classroom experience for students, specifically in management, but it’s also for anyone who wants to have business experience. and for them to have people come from the community that wants to talk about their experience after college. 

Around 26 people attended the first meeting which was led by Aikens. The topic of the first meeting was negotiations. He went over some helpful tips and advice on how to negotiate and how to advocate for yourself in a job interview.Sam Sabin, a junior majoring in business marketing and management with a minor in communication studies, is the Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

“The purpose that I see it to service is providing a support group for those who are pursuing the career and giving opportunities to practice those skills in more real like applications by bringing in past alumni or professionals in the field to offer their guide and experience,” Sabin said.

Klara Beinhorn, a junior majoring in business management and minoring in political science, is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the organization. Her job is to manage the money in the club, and hopefully, as they expand, to reach out to businesses in the community and build relationships as well as sponsorships. 

“I believe the organization is important to be available for students because we hope to have discussions on topics that we normally wouldn’t get to in class,” Beinhorn said.

They have a meeting every third Monday of every month in Grant 018. Their next meeting will be held on February 17th. There will be four or five Concordia alumni talking about their perspective post-grad and giving out some helpful tips being in the real world. You do not have to be a member to attend meetings. 

“If you’re interested at all in coming to the management club, I think the things that are set in our club are very versatile and would be helpful to any students,” Sabin said.

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