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Coffee or tea? Cobbers respond

Imagine being all curled up in a cozy blanket, fuzzy socks and a soft sweater. Spring showers have begun and May flowers will be soon on their way. It is still cold outside but the sun shining through the windows creates a feeling of peace and comfort. The only thing to make this relaxing afternoon better is to have something to sip: bitter or sweet, strong or subtle—coffee or tea?

Which special beverage deserves such an important role to kick start the day, whether it is to accompany you on a day off or a full schedule.

Where coffee is perfect for an early morning or an extra boost to give you a motivating buzz and tackle your day head-on; tea drinkers, on the other hand, like to prioritize a healthy living style and enjoy the calming sensation that tea can offer. Whether a coffee or tea lover, having a favorite drink in hand can be a highlight of the day and boost needed confidence to embrace what’s ahead.

In an Instagam poll by The Concordian, respondants indicated a 69% favor to coffee to 31% tea drinkers.

Maya Tannous is a strong coffee lover. When asked her preference between coffee or tea, she replied, “Coffee for sure, it tastes so good and you don’t have to add anything to it. I like to have two or three cups of coffee a day.”

It is common for coffee lovers to have multiple cups a day. With the consumption of multiple cups of coffee a day, it is easy to build a dependency.

Tannous is one of many who enjoy having coffee as a part of her daily routine. Tannous prefers black coffee because it gives her motivation. Tannous’s favorite coffee is black Arabic coffee, which she describes as Turkish coffee. Tannous said coffee has so many different tastes partially due to a multitude of flavors and syrups like vanilla, hazelnut or raspberry. Some coffee lovers like to change their coffee flavors based on season; peppermint syrup pumps in the winter and lemonade syrup pumps in the summer. Moreover, Tannous appreciates that “you get to find your preference.”

Having all these options to choose from allows someone to design a customizable drink that fits his or her preferences.

Abdallah Salha, a first-year student at Concordia college, is a tea lover. Salha says he likes to have his tea early in the morning or while he studies. Salha mentions how tea can be very relaxing and how it can help him focus on his work or help to wind down from a long day.

“Tea with milk and cardamom is really good. I used to have it all the time,” said Salha. Where he enjoys having time for tea, he does not like coffee at all. “I think it’s really disgusting. I like things that are sweet.”

With coffee being an acquired taste, it turns away some who don’t like the bitter taste. 

However, Salha indulges in a coffee beverage every so often while adding an abundance of sugar and cream to the mix. However, Tannous says, “You see, that’s the thing about coffee: it’s origin is not sweet; it’s supposed to be bitter, and you profit from the caffeine.”

At the moment, Salha’s go-to drink is mint tea. “It’s the most common back home.” Home for Salha is Palestine, where tea carries a cultural significance along with many other regions across the world. In Palestine, tea and coffee are associated with a certain time of day. “Coffee is typically after food and tea often accompanies breakfast,” Salha says.

Danielle Ginther is the manager of the Coffee Stop at Concordia College and also enjoys her time working for Starbucks. Ginther states that she prefers coffee over tea, her go-to drink being an Americano.

“I like the culture around coffee. In America, it’s an everyday thing; however, in other cultures, it’s treated as a delicacy.”

Working for two separate coffee locations, Ginther has the pleasure of noticing order differences between the Coffee Stop and Starbucks. College students are often grabbing coffee in between classes and are interested in simple orders such as a latte or a mocha; however, Ginther at Starbucks has received many extravagant orders, including different pump flavors, foams and other drizzle toppings.

“There are some who have insane additives,” said Ginther. Starbucks offers so many additives to all their drinks that allow the customer to customize.

Ginther also reflects on her work as a barista and her own preferences. “I like the variety with coffee. There are different sweeteners, expressos and foams to top onto an order.”

Ginther encourages students to go to the Coffee Stop, which opens at 7:30 a.m. and sells muffins as well.

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