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Student run theatre company kicks off new season 

MOORHEAD — The Velvet Theatre Co kicked off their second season this Sept. with an open house and “RIP to Ghouls” concert.  

Featuring local bands ‘Raining in Paradise’ and ‘The Ghouls’, this event was a huge success, according to the Velvet Theatre Co’s founder, Mary Noah. 

“The normal attendance is between 35 and 50 people. Last week’s event was probably 150. It is the biggest event that we’ve had.” Noah said.  

Velvet Theatre Co. audience members.
Ross Motter / The Concordian

“(Velvet Theatre Co) Is a small-scale theatre production company that puts on existing and developing shows and performances. All performances will be done in the round at our permanent location- a house. This ‘at-home-theatre style provides and environment that fosters experimentation and encourages young performers to test out their work. Before hitting a larger stage.” according to their website.  

The company was once only a class project, according to Noah.  

“I had the idea for it at the start of spring semester of 2023. I was in a marketing class, and we had to run an online marketing campaign for a fake company. And then I came up with Velvet Theater Co and thought it was really great. And My professor said you should probably make this real. And so we did!” Noah said.  

The board for the Velvet Theatre Co is comprised of students from Concordia College. Though the Velvet Theatre Co is a theatrical company, many board members are not theatre majors. 

“I think that’s one of the cool things about doing something small scale. It’s not super time consuming and it’s accessible to people who want theatre to be a part of their life but it doesn’t demand the entirety of their attention” Noah said, a Communication Studies, Studio Art and Business (Management concentration) triple major.  

The Velvet Theatre Co is open to all students who would like to be involved in theatrical performances in any capacity, Noah said.  

“So many students at Concordia are like, oh, my God, I used to do theater in high school. Like, I would love to do a show, but I just don’t have the time because I’m in band or choir or another activity. It’s (The Velvet Theatre Co) a way for those students to still make theatre a part of their life in a lower time commitment way.” 

Velvet Theatre Co. logo and couch.
Ross Motter / The Concordian

The fall season at the Velvet Theatre includes one event per month. The rest of their season includes a production of Rocky Horror and a Drag Show in Oct., an Improv Night in Nov. and a Cabaret in Dec, according to their Instagram account.  

“We’re always looking for people who are willing to do any aspect. Hair, costume, makeup, music. If you’re a writer, we’re so interested in you because we would love to have new work and put it on. Even if it’s five-minute monologue, 10-minute play, two-hour musical, we’ll help you and we’ll get you to the finish line.” Noah said.  

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