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Student group “Students for Justice in Palestine” starts to take shape 

*Editor’s note: In journalism we follow AP-Style. According to AP-Style guidelines, we are to refer to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine as the “Israel-Hamas war” Additionally, this conflict has a rich history that could not possibly be summed up in a 600-word news story. Any questions or concerns may be directed to our Editor-in-Chief, Paige Naughton at  

MOORHEAD — A new student group is developing at the college. “Students for Justice in Palestine”, or “SJP” is in its formative stages, attracting interest and participation from students passionate about the conflict on the Gaza Strip and Palestinians in Gaza.  

On Oct. 7, Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, stormed the Gaza Strip into nearby Israeli towns. On what was supposed to be a day of celebration leading up to Yom Kippur as part of the Ten Days of Awe, the Hamas attack killed hundreds of civilians.  

Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza, killing hundreds of Palestinians in the days following. The Israel-Hamas war was kicked into action, sparked by the actions of Hamas on Oct. 7, with many around the world calling for a ceasefire from Israel.  

Concordia student, Sabriya Siddiqui, has been vocal about the Israel-Hamas war by sharing and promoting graphics and posts with support to Palestine, while calling for a ceasefire on social media.  

While not yet an officially recognized student organization, SJP board members are actively working towards meeting the necessary requirements and garnering support from both students and the college administration. However, Siddiqui is hopeful for approval from college administrators.  

“On behalf of Students for Justice in Palestine, we would like to state that our purpose on this campus is to raise awareness of the human rights violations committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people, to educate our community about the Palestinian struggle for justice, and to act to hold accountability from our school and our government,” Siddiqui said in a statement to The Concordian.  

The group is advocating for permanent ceasefire, as well as an end to the siege on Gaza, and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Siddiqui said.  

The SJP social media account has shared and reposted content from creators’ adamant for a cease-fire. They have also the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission and the Community Culinary Corps Project for the informative event “Palestinian Voices”.  

Palestinian Voices, held on Jan. 28 from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Centrum of Knutson Campus Center, was aimed at discussing Palestinian culture.  

“Learn about the rich history and experiences of the Palestinian people. Art. Panel Discussion. Story Telling. Poetry” was stated on the promotional graphic, posted by all three entities in collaboration on Instagram.  

The group also reposted content from journalist Bisan Owda, who lives in Palestine amid the Israel-Hamas war. Owda has documented her life living in the Gaza Strip. SJP reposted Owda’s post on the Global Strike Week, which according to her post, took place from Jan. 21 to 28.  

Though the Israel-Hamas war is recent and still ongoing, the foundation of the National Students for Justice in Palestine group datesback over two decades.  

“Nearly two decades after the formation of the first Students for Justice in Palestine, the movement for Palestine has taken colleges and universities across North America by storm.” according to their website.  

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