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Rhombus Guys Has It All

Photo by Matt Hansen. T-Rex Pizza, the best-selling pizza, takes the meaning of "Meat Lover's Pizza" to a whole new level.

Rhombus Guys, the popular Grand Forks pizzeria, has opened a new location in Downtown Fargo, offering one-of-a-kind pizzas and an excellent dining atmosphere.

It all started in 2000 when two guys just out of high school built a smoothie stand. But one day, co-owner Aaron Hendricks stood back and looked at the stand. Something was wrong. The stand looked less like a cube, as anticipated, and more like a rhombus. A brand was born.

Smoothie Rhombus grew out of the stand, and eventually moved to a fixed location in Mentor, Minn. They started selling basic pizzas and doing quite well. Soon they expanded to Thief River Falls, Minn., and Grand Forks, N.D. The Thief River Falls location did not make it, but the Grand Forks and Mentor restaurants have been thriving.  Fargo’s larger market then became appealing, and Rhombus Guys opened shop next to Babb’s Coffee House in Downtown Fargo.

When you enter the Fargo location, you’ll immediately notice the unique design of the restaurant. A prodigious bar—handcrafted by the owners—sprawls across the left side of the interior, with booths large enough for a crowd of friends on the right side. The back of the restaurant is reserved for high tables. There are many TVs throughout the place, and there is artwork by a British artist residing in Grand Forks. Best of all, according to Hendricks, rooftop seating will be added next year.

Since opening the Fargo location, Rhombus Guys has been busy—really busy, according to Hendricks.  “It’s exceeded our expectations,” he says. “The community seems to like what we’re doing.”

Looking at the menu, you’ll spot weird names with toppings you can’t find anywhere else in town:  “T-Rex” with pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, beef, bacon and mozzarella; “Busey” loaded with Canadian bacon, pineapple and mozzarela; “Aaron’s Little Mirracle” with pepporoni, bacon, green peppers, onion and mozzarella; and “Pacific Northwest” with garlic infused olive oil, tomato, smoked salmon, feta, green olive, black olive and capers.

I ordered the T-Rex, the best-selling pizza, which takes a Meat Lover’s Pizza to an extreme. The hand-tossed crust was great, creating a very filling pizza. If, however, hand-tossed is not your preference, they offer thin and Gluten-free crusts. Something makes their pizza toppings taste different from other pizzas: they are fresh. With every type of meat imaginable on the pizza, in just a few slices, I was full.

If you are not interested in pizza, Rhombus Guys offers soups, salads and panini with equally unique names.

With the wide variety of toppings available—from salmon to pesto—Rhombus Guys offers a unique dining experience.

“We’re kind of unorthodox,” Hendricks said. “We have our own unique niche in the market.”

Indeed they do. I could spend a lot of time talking about the atmosphere at Rhombus Guys—the awesome artwork, the beautiful hand-crafted bar, the super-friendly waitstaff—but I think the best way to describe Fargo’s newest pizzeria is simple: it’s just cool. This is the kind of place where you can enjoy quality time with friends, watch the game, or just sit back and surf the web while enjoying some tasty pizza.

It may have just been a smoothie stand a decade ago, but today Rhombus offers an unmatched dining experience downtown.  You can now stop settling for pre-made slices at Spicy Pie or the awkwardness of Sammy’s and dine at a fun place like Rhombus Guys.

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