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Need a Thrill? FM Area Offers Spooky Entertainment

Photo by Krista DiLorenzo. Acres of Terror in Leonard, N.D., is one of many attractions near the Fargo-Moorhead area where many students go for spooks and thrills.

Even if it is a crisp, cool night, being chased by a limping man with a chainsaw can still be an exhausting occurrence. Survivors of last year’s Acres of Terror, seniors Caitlin Bummer, Annie Palmer, and junior Charlie Tirey can relate as they took part in scary events that run through the month of October.

October is the month of chills and thrills, ghosts and ghouls, making it a great month for thrill seekers to check out the haunted tours, houses and mazes around the area. Acres of Terror, Trail of Terror, Extreme Scream, the Haunted Corn Maze and the Haunted Farm are all attractions located in or near the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Last year Bummer, Palmer and Tirey ventured out to enjoy a night of terror together with five other close friends. The group heard about the attraction from the radio and fliers around Moxie Java and decided to check it out. They arrived at Acres of Terror in Leonard, N.D., and were not disappointed. The students drove together while excitement and nerves built. The tension was built further upon arrival when members of the group were given health and liability waivers to sign.

“It was more fun that way,” Bummer said. “The waivers made us question what we were doing.”

Palmer said the scariest part of the event was when her younger sister, Emily, was separated from the group while they were being chased.

“Emily must have lost her shoe,” Palmer said, “but we could not find her because it was dark but then we found her shoe; it was just like a horror movie.”

Apart from being chased, the group was also was ushered through a haunted maze and schoolhouse. Though the group acknowledged that these locations were scary, Tirey said that being transported via bus to each new haunted location was more terrifying than either location.

“We rode on the bus two times” he said, “and the driving was crazy. We almost hit trees and people were falling into the bus aisle. The bus driver was also yelling.”

Looking back, Bummer, Palmer and Tirey all agreed that the adventure had been worth it and all three Cobbers plan on going back to relive the thrills of Acres of Terror again someday.

“It is one of those things where you know it is all fake,” Tirey said, “but the group you are with eggs you on and makes the experience seem so real.”

The three said they would encourage any thrill-seeker to check out Acres of Terror, which runs through all the weekends of October starting at dusk.

Other events running through Halloween located around the Fargo Moorhead area include Trail of Terror, Extreme Scream, the Haunted Corn Maze and the Haunted Farm. The Trail of Terror offers discount tickets through Walgreens and benefits with your student ID. Extreme Scream, the Haunted Corn Maze and the Haunted Farm also offer discounts to those who purchase a “triple pay pass,” which allows access to all three locations. The pass can be used either all in the same night or over multiple nights if needed. If students choose to purchase the extreme scream triple pay pass, it is recommended that they do them in the order of Extreme Scream, Haunted Farm and ending with the scariest attraction of the three: the Corn Maze.

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