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A spirited brotherhood

Cobber Nation more than guys getting together to paint themselves and do push-ups

Cobber Nation gets the crowd revved up at a Cobber football game spelling out, "Let's Go Cobbs!" on their chests and waving Concordia flags. Submitted photo.
Cobber Nation gets the crowd revved up at a Cobber football game spelling out, “Let’s Go Cobbs!” on their chests and waving Concordia flags. Submitted photo.

What started out as a floor-bonding experience has turned into a Concordia tradition. This year Cobber Nation has 16 participants, all of whom are looking forward to cheering our Cobbers toward the finish line.

Despite Cobber Nation starting in Livedalen, several members heard about it through friends. Junior member Luke Monke-Lundberg joined as a freshman after hearing about it through his orientation leader.

“My orientation leader invited me to join,” Monke-Lundberg said. “I thought I would enjoy it, so I gave it a shot.”

This year Cobber Nation has gained one new member, freshman Ian Lane.

“I bumped into Luke, and he asked if I wanted to join,” Lane said.

According to Monke-Lundberg, pregame traditions are a big deal in Cobber Nation.

“We meet at one of the guys’ house at ten and grill burgers and paint,” Monke-Lundberg said. “We normally head to the game around noon.”

When Cobber Nation started they only cheered at football games, until junior Kristian Erickson joined.

“I’ve always enjoyed hockey and thought it would be fun to cheer at hockey matches,” Erickson said. “The hockey coach and I talked about us cheering at the matches. We’ve also gone to some volleyball matches and basketball games.”

Lane cheered during the first home game this season. He found the experience similar to ones he had back home cheering for hockey teams.

“Cheering at the football game was extremely fun,” Lane said. “It was nearly exhausting because of all the push-ups.”

Cobber Nation mostly cheers for home games.

“We haven’t traveled in a while, but three years ago we did some (traveling),” Monke-Lundberg said.

There are several amazing aspects of being a member of the group; Monke-Lundberg loves getting the crowd ready for the game.

“I like being out in front and getting the crowd pumped,” Monke-Lundberg said.

In order to keep some order to the craziness that is Cobber Nation the president of the group makes sure the men use their pregame time to the fullest. The current president, senior Erik Thompson, loves being able to help pump up the men before games.

“I keep us on track time-wise before games,” Thompson said. “I put someone in charge of food and lead our pregame traditions before we leave for the field.”

Being president of Cobber Nation is quite an honor, Thompson said. Any current member could be the next president.

“The previous president gave me the role by passing on the torch to me,” Thompson said. “I’ll do the same.”

Thompson truly enjoys every aspect of Cobber Nation.

“I love everything about Cobber Nation, especially the bro time,” Thompson said. “It is also a great way to get away from academics.”

Erickson appreciated how he was accepted into the group right away.

“The social norm was great,” Erickson said. “I can be anything but normal and I was accepted right away. 

Thompson said that because Cobber Nation doesn’t want to give up their brotherhood values they don’t want to become a school organization.

“Our organization was founded as a non-Concordia affiliated organization because we want the freedom to do and say what we want to do without having to give up our over-arching control of our brotherhood,” Thompson said. “It was founded as a privatized entity and it is our will that it stays that way. The reason we don’t allow girls is because we paint our chests and we want to uphold the dignity of our sisters.”

Cobber Nation is one of the fan’s favorite ways of supporting the Cobbers. Thompson feels that all fellow Cobber men should take part if they want to have a good time.

“The guys make it super fun,” Thompson said.


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  2. Mark Manning Mark Manning September 20, 2013

    I am Siri Manning’s dad (another blogger from Cobberville) and I wonder if the caption below your blog photo should’ve read: Cobber Soccer Hooligans Celebrating Before Discovering This Was An AMERICAN Football Match.
    What do you think?

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