‘If I Were You’

ifiwereyoushow-reviewCollege Humor’s Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld have become popular for their comedic videos of their alter egos. Now, the College Humor comedians are taking it upon themselves to give back to the world by giving advice to anyone who asks for it on their podcast If I Were You.

 Instead of a scripted video the dynamic duo ditched their alter egos by showcasing their own personalities and giving advice on people’s everyday situations. Jake & Amir have become Amir and Jake.

 Fans will send their questions to the If I Were You email account. Then Jake and Amir will pick the questions they feel are good and offer the most humorous answer. So, who would want advice from two guys whom spend their days making videos for the Internet? Well, the responses Jake and Amir give probably wouldn’t qualify as great advice but it’s honestly not the worst advice ever given. Jake and Amir will offer actual advice usually after they spend 10 minutes making quick wit jokes on the anonymous advice seeker. Their advice may not be high quality but their back-and-forth jokes make the show worth listening to.

 This show is meant to make you laugh and during the 30 to 45 minute show I can’t stop laughing. The type of humor these comedians have has no boundaries. It is genuinely funny because they don’t force the jokes the jokes come naturally.

The two friends feed off of each other making it comfortable to listen to, which also makes it comedy gold. It’s like listening to two best friends having a hilarious conversation on the couch next to you. It’s also an insight into the Jake & Amir’s creative process because you can hear the ridiculous scenarios and absurd personalities come to life on the spot and it pulls the audience in.

If I Were You is available for free on iTunes or can be listened to at any of the linked sites above.


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